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Club photograph in 1920.
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Club members selling newspapers in
downtown Raleigh, a fundraising
activity in the 1950s and 1960s.
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A Short History of the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh

Compiled by John C. Brantley, III
On Behalf of the Kiwanis Centennial Committee
From Archived Records of the Club and Its Members
January, 2015
Updated March, 2015


Kiwanis International was founded in 1915, and the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh is one of the oldest clubs. The first organizational meeting was held on December 19, 1919, at the Bland Hotel, with 107 members present. The new club was completed on January 3, 1920, and the charter was presented on April 8, 1920. The 124 charter members were a diverse group of Raleigh men who came together with the common interests of fellowship and community service.

Charter Members
Harry T. Adams
D. Henry Allen
J. Leroy Allen
R. McIver Allen
A. H. Arrington
Percy R. Ashby
John Askew
E. M. Avery
Col. A. L. Baker
Allen J. Barwick
George U. Baucom Jr.
Dr. O. D. Baxter
Dr. Carl W. Bell
Arthur Finn Bowen
Theo. H. Bower
Clarence E. Bowman
W. S. Boyd
J. C. Brantley
John B. Bray
Robert A. Brown
Alfred S. Brower
W. Z. Bush
Grover C. Cauthen
Roy O. Caviness
Joseph B. Cheshire Jr.
S. B. Coley
R. D. W. Conner
F. C. Cooper
W. S. Cox
Thomas L. Creekmore
Ralph H. Crowder
Raymond Crowder
Dr. Richard J. Crozier
J. M. Cunningham
Walter Reed Dent
Walters Durham
Dr. Robert H. Freeman
Kenneth Gant
Dr. Milton R. Gibson
Clarence B. Gill
Dr. Harold Glascock
Charles N. Goodno
Loomis McArthur Goodwin
C. P. Grantham
Gustav Hagedorn
William T. Harding
W. C. Harris
George B. Hellen
J. H. Hightower
Willis A. Holding
Samuel N. Holland
Clyde H. Hoppe
Clyde E. Hornaday
A. Telfair Horton
Archibald Horton
Dr. S. Robert Horton
Harry Howell
Karl G. Hudson
Charles E. Johnson Jr.
Thomas W. Johnson
William H. Jones
William H. Joyner
J. Everett Kennedy
Richard W. Kennison
Orast A. Lester
Wade C. Lewis Sr.
John M. Little
Henry O. Lineberger
H. Lineman
Bryon O. Outman
W. Reid Martin
Alfred M. Maupin
C. T. McClenaghan
John S. McDonald
Dr. James W. McGee
W. Hardy Mills
Clarence E. Mitchell
Raymond L. Moore
Dr. Robert P. Noble
B. Frank Page
Clyde E. Parker
Frank Parker
Dr. J. L. Peacock
Rev. W. W. Peele
Grover C. Poole
Dr. Ivan M. Proctor Jr.
Alvin J. Reed
Michael A. Rushton
James A. Salter
George C. Scarlette
I. L. Sears
R. O. Self
John A. Sheets
H. S. Silver
A. V. D. Smith
Col. Gordon Smith
Penick T. Smith
Wm. Oliver Smith
Wm. R. Smith
Willis Smith
Percy D. Snipes
J. D. Spicer
Dale Starbuck
Ralph L. Steele
Frank L. Stockwell
R. C. Stockwell
J. E. Stratford
Virgil St. Cloud
John T. Taylor
Alf. M. Thompson
Charles B. Thrift
Russell T. Uzzle
Dempsey W. Vinson
Fred Way
Joseph E. Wearn
A. Wray White
Julian E. White
Dr. Thaddeus E. Wilkerson
Robert Wilson
James R. Witherspoon
Edgar Womble
Mose W. Woodard
Charles V. York
J. Cooper Young
Insurance (Life)
National Hog Remedy Company
Retail Groceries
Service Station (Gasoline)
Groceries (Fancy)
Engineering Contractor
Painting Contractor
Adding Machines
State Tax Supervisor
General Medicine
Certified Public Accountant
Piano Dealer
Auto, Truck Salesman
Civil Engineer
Assistant Bank Cashier
State Department of Education
Auto Truck Salesman
Southern Bell Telephone Company
Produce (Wholesale)
U. S. Bankrupt Referee
Durham Life Insurance Company
Secy. State Historical Commission
Carolina Electrical Appliance Co.
State Purchasing Agent
S. A. L. Railway, Claim Agent
Wholesale and Retail Groceries
Garage Equipment
U. S. Internal Revenue Department
Storage Batteries
Mechanics Savings Bank
Gynecologist & Obstetrician
Cotton Manufacturer
Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat
Certified Public Accountant
Automobile Retail Dealer
Raleigh Banking and Trust Company
Musician, Supv. Music City Schools
Judge of Raleigh City Court
Newspaper Man
Bank Cashier, Merchants Natl. Bank
Men's Furnishings, King & Holding
Manager, Edison Shop
Auto. Dealer, Dail-Overland Co.
Insurance and Realty
Whiting-Horton Co. Men's Clothing
Photographer, Horton's Studio
Supt. Raleigh City Schools
Department Store, Hudson-Belk Co.
Stocks and Bonds
Coal and Ice Dealer
Musical Director, St. Mary's School
Attorney at Law
Raleigh French Dry Cleaning Co.
Civil Engineer
Sporting Goods
Jolly-Wynne Jewelry Co.
Farm Lighting, Rg. Electric Svc. Co.
Dental Surgeon
Boys Secty. Y. M. C. A.
Bank Cashier
Casualty & Surety Insurance
Insurance (Casualty)
Auto Exchange Dealer
General Medicine
Mills Tire Co.
Printer, Mitchell Printing Co.
Storage Batteries, Mgr. Wrights Hotel
X-Ray Specialist
Drugs, Wholesale
Cotton Merchant, C. E. Parker & Co.
Dept. of Agriculture
Shaw University
Clergyman, Edenton St. M. E.
Seaboard Air Line
Dairy Products, Pine State Creamery Co.
Automobiles, Wholesale Dealer
Ginning and Cotton Seed
Cigars, Tobacco and Drink
Chief Clk. State Corporation Com.
Insurance (Life)
Druggist, King-Crowell Drug Co.
Cotton Mfgr., Pilot Cotton Mill
Asst. Adjt. General of N.C.
Furniture Dealer, Royal-Boyden Furn. Co.
Bookbinding, Edwards & Broughton Co.
Dye Stuffs Salesman, A. Klipstein & Co.
Attorney, State Tax Supervisor
Commissary Manager
Dist. Supt. Met. Life Ins. Co.
Chero-Cola Bottling Works
Adding Machines, Dist. Mgr. Wales Co.
Coal & Ice, Wyatt-Smith Fuel Co.
Fidelity Supply Co.
Piano Dealer, Jessie French & Sons
Hotel, Mgr. Bland Hotel
Ladies Ready-to-Wear
Cotton Merchant, Barbee & Co.
President, James Lumber Co.
Cigars, Tobacco & Drugs
Farmer, Sales Mgr. Natl. Biscuit Co.
Tobacco Salesman, Liggett & Myers Tob. Co.
Mgr. Union Seed & Fertz. Co. Oil Mill
Building Manager, Coml. Bldg. Co.
Pharmacist, Wake Drug Co.
Ear Surgeon
Printing Mgr. Coml. Printing Co.
Durham Life Ins. Co.
Pres. & Tr. Capital Cigar Co. Inc.
Stocks & Bonds

First Club Officers
Harry T. Adams
Charles V. York
William R. Smith
A. Wray White
Robert A. Brown
First Vice President
Second Vice President

First Club Directors
Harry T. Adams
George U. Baucom Jr.
Robert A. Brown
Harold Glascock
S. Robert Horton
Alfred M. Maupin
C. T. McClenaghan
John S. McDonald
William R. Smith
Virgil St. Cloud
Charles V. York
A. Wray White

Raleigh Hall of Fame
In 2012, the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh was inducted into the Raleigh Hall of Fame.


Fred Fletcher Outstanding Volunteer Award
The Kiwanis Club of Raleigh received a 2018 Fred Fletcher Outstanding Volunteer Award, in the Outstanding Financial Contributor category, from the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department.


Raleigh Citizen Advisory Council Award

The Kiwanis Club of Raleigh received the Five Points Citizen Advisory Council Neighborhood Recognition Award for 2018. We were recognized for making a significant impact on the quality of life in the Five Points neighborhood by helping to renovate Kiwanis Park through our 2020 Centennial Parks Project.

The award announcement said, "Congratulations to you and the members of the Kiwanis Club for your all-out effort to raise sufficient funding so that the park will have a brand new playground, ball courts, a picnic shelter and a staffed community center, a true partnership with the City of Raleigh and a huge asset to our neighborhood."

Wake County Board of Commissioners Centennial Proclamation
We were honored with a proclamation by the Wake County Board of Commisioners to celebrate our centennial year in 2020.


Kiwanis Magazine Article
The Kiwanis Club of Raleigh was featured in the March 2020 edition of Kiwanis Magazine.


Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame
In 2020, the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh was inducted into the Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame.

Award Ceremony Program

1920-1921   Harry T. Adams *
1922           Willis Smith *
1923           James R. Weatherspoon *
1924           John S. McDonald *
1925           Frank H. Jeter *
1926           William B. Duncan *
1927           N. Edward Edgerton *
1928           Rufus A. Doughton *
1929           William T. Joyner *
1930           Banks Arendell *
1931           Henry 0. Lineberger *
1932           Zeno P. Metcalf *
1933           Alfred S. Brower *
1934           J. LeRoy Allen *
1935           Ed L. Cloyd *
1936           Ben S. McKeel *
1937           Wade C. Lewis *
1938           Frank I. Watson *
1939           John W. Harrelson *
1940           William A. Queen *
1941           Earl H. Hostetler *
1942           Percy D. Snipes *
1943           Sam H. Youngblood *
1944           H. Page Williams *
1944           James D. Kilgore *
1945           Joe S. Correll *
1946           B. Grimes Williams *
1947           George Y. Ragsdale *
1948           Paul Reid *
1949           Ed A. Clement *
1950           Lonnie L. Ivey *
1951           George London *
1952           Robert W. Shoffner *
1953           Guy W. Rawls *
1954           Charles G. Coon Jr. *
1955           Earl Brian *
1956           Harold E. Eckert *
1957           J. 0. Harmon *
1958           Paul A. Hoover Jr. *
1959           Samuel R. Leager *
1960           Robert N. Simms Jr. *
1961           W. Herbert Jackson *
1962           Edgar M. Geddie *
1963           John Hunter *
1964           Joe Barnes *
1965           James A. Graham *
1966           J. Stanley Fishel *
1967           Ben W. Kilgore III *
1968           Wright T. Dixon Jr. *
1969           Frank A. Daniels Jr.
1969-1970   John Milner *
1970-1971   G. Dodge Geoghegan *
1971-1972   Thomas W. Steed Jr. *
1972-1973   Marvin B. Koonce Jr. *
1973-1974   John D. McConnell Jr.
1974-1975   C. A. Dillon Jr. *
1975-1976   Walter L. Brown Jr. *
1976-1977   B. T. Henderson II *
1977-1978   Harry E. Stewart *
1978-1979   J. Mac Boxley *
1979-1980   Thomas Badger IV
1980-1981   W. Earl Bardin *
1981-1982   Joseph W. Barber III *
1982-1983   Micou F. Browne *
1983-1984   Harry G. Walker Jr. *
1984-1985   LeRoy B. Martin Jr. *
1985-1986   John C. Brantley III
1986-1987   Sidney S. Eagles Jr.
1987           S. David Frazier
1987-1989   Robert J. Wyatt III
1989-1990   Paul A. Hoover III
1990-1991   James A. King II
1991-1992   Walter M. Keller *
1992-1993   William G. Pappas
1993-1994   Harold W. Berry *
1994-1995   William A. Rudolph *
1995-1996   John E. Ramsay Jr.
1996-1997   Robert N. Brooks
1997-1998   George B. F. Ramsay
1998-1999   E. Cameron Seely Jr.
1999-2000   R. C. Shackelford
2000-2001   Raymond W. Goodman Jr. *
2001-2002   J. Fallon Hanley
2002-2003   H. Clay Taylor III
2003-2004   John N. McClain Jr.
2004-2005   Harold G. Panel
2005-2006   Andrew N. Leager
2006-2007   William F. Watson
2007-2008   L. Michael Dodd
2008-2009   John N. Fountain
2009-2010   Alice D. Garland
2010-2011   Gary H. Pendleton
2011-2012   J. Melville Broughton III
2012-2013   John M. Nunnally
2013-2014   Christopher L. White
2014-2015   Kerr C. Ramsay
2015-2016   Helen M. Ballentine
2016-2017   John H. Collar III
2017-2018   J. Lee Parker
2018-2019   Frances D. Bobbie
2019-2020   Phillip J. Kirk
2020-2021   LeJon Poole

1920-1921   A. Wray White *
1922-1931   Alfred S. Brower *
1932-1948   A. Wray White *
1949-1955   Charles Romeo LeFort *
1956-1958   Mark G. Lynch *
1959-1960   William M. Storey *
1961-1990   Edward G. Batte *
1990-1995   John W. Deyton
1995-2003   Neil A. Crichton *
2003-2015   Martha T. Rippard
2015-          Courtney T. Allen

1920-1922   Robert A. Brown *
1923-1932   W. M. Upchurch *
1935-1936   Frank I. Watson *
1937-1938   R. C. DeRosset *
1939-1945   Lewis H. Powell *
1946-1965   Thomas W. Steed *
1966-1973   Harold Cox *
1973-1997   Waymon E. Pritchard *
1997-1998   R. C. Shackelford
1998-1999   Raymond W. Goodman Jr. *
1999-2000   J. Fallon Hanley
2000-2001   H. Clay Taylor III
2001-2002   John N. McClain Jr.
2002-2003   Harold G. Panel
2003-2008   Roscoe L. Strickland III
2008-2015   Gwendolyn L. Vass
2015-2017   Roscoe L. Strickland III
2017-2020   Lawrence A. Hamilton
2020-          John H. Collar III

Division Lieutenant Governors
1921           Harry T. Adams *
1927           Frank H. Jeter *
1930           John S. McDonald *
1936           Ed L. Cloyd *
1946           Joseph S. Correll *
1951           Earl H. Hostetler *
1955           Guy W. Rawls *
1962           Robert N. Simms Jr. *
1976-1977   C. A. Dillon Jr. *
1981-1982   Harold R. Garner **
1982-1983   James I. Brown **
1982-1983   Harry E. Stewart *
1988-1989   John A. Aldridge
1991-1992   John S. Gastineau **
1995-1996   Sidney S. Eagles Jr.
1998-1999   Neil A. Crichton *
2001-2002   Harold R. Garner **
2006-2007   Martha T. Rippard
2008-2009   Martha T. Rippard
2015-2016   Christopher L. White
2016-2018   Kerr C. Ramsay

District Governors
1924           Harry T. Adams *
1958           Guy W. Rawls *
1981-1982   C. A. Dillon Jr. *
2005-2006   Harold R. Garner **
2020-2021   Christopher L. White

District Trustee
2016-2019   Christopher L. White
2020-2021   Alice D. Garland

District Foundation Executive Committee
2016-2021   Sidney S. Eagles Jr.

International Trustee
1985-1989   C. A. Dillon Jr. *

International Vice President
1989-1990   C. A. Dillon Jr. *
  * Deceased
** Served while a member of another club